Everard Read/CIRCA Cape Town 16th march 6.30pm opening night to celebrate the conclusion of a montly artistic residency in the Mother City for the 32 years old italian artist from Introdacqua, Abruzzo.

Valentina Colella explores the notions of geography and geology with abstracted languages. She examines our emotional connections to landscape, numerology and various perspectives of the ‘google’ earth world around us. Showing for two weeks at Everard Read/CIRCA in Cape Town she is the recipient of Centro Luigi Di Sarro ARP Travel award for 2017. Colella’s exhibition includes video, installation, mixed media drawing and paperbased artworks. (Emma Vandermerwe)

During the ARP-Art Residency Project Valentina Colella had the opportunity to meet people and encounter new places, boadening their knowledge and skills. this is the mail goal of ARP, and the most important objective for all us who are working behind the scenes to make it happen. The ARP residency is not only the possibility to showcase works, but a dip in a new country with different lifestyle and hystory to deal with. Thanks a lot to the Ruth Prowse School of Art in Woodstock, and in particular to Lynette Bester, for share with Valentina and the ARP Team space and students collaboration. (Alessandra Atti Di Sarro)