IMAGINING REALITIES – SKUMBUZO VABAZA and JORDAN SWEKE upcoming show in Rome for ARP 6th Edition

IMAGINING REALITIES marks the 6th Edition of the ARP (Art Residency Program) conceived by the Centro Luigi Di Sarro in Rome, Italy. The exhibition will open to the public on the 30th November at 6pm and will run until the 14th December.

This year the ARP Residency in Rome includes two artists from South Africa: Skumbuzo (Skubalisto) Vabaza & Jordan Sweke. Skumbuzo’s narrative is multifaceted (including visual art, design, music and fashion), he often incorporates contemporary figuration, imbued traditional iconography and several urban ‘graffiti’ based languages. Jordan works within notions of the ‘landscape’ and the natural environment. He abstractly explores ‘nature’ – a sublime and all-encompassing force. More specifically, he explores the relationship which currently exists between humanity and nature and ways in which this relationship might be reconstituted. His main focus of production lies in large oil paintings, but a rounded conceptual framework is achieved through his creation of photographs, sculptures, video works, print media and installation.

Both these young Cape-Town-based creatives have come together in ARP Rome 2017/2018 for REALTÀ IMMAGINARIE /IMAGINING REALITIES. They will show their gaze on the City and its suburbs. People and landscapes: a journey that explores the Caput Mundi historically and daily with various expressive media (painting, graphics and videos). This upcoming presentation comprises separate artworks, as well as collaborative work resulting from merging conversations between the two artists. At the Centro Luigi Di Sarro, Skumbuzo’s portrait paintings (in various mixed media) and Jordan’s landscapes (monochrome drawings and canvas based paintings and video work) are installed alongside collaborative linocuts and paintings executed together while in Rome on the ARP Residency.

The Bilateral Residency Programme for Young Artists between Italy and South Africa, realized with the contribution of MAECI, Italian Foreign Affaires Ministry, and with the collaboration of the Everard Read/CIRCA Gallery Cape Town, Ruth Prowse School of Art and the Rainbow Media team