The new edition of ARP selected four young South African and Italian Artists who will participate in the programme that the Centro Di Sarro is implementing between Rome and Cape Town through the collaboration of Everard Read / CIRCA Gallery, Rainbow Media NPO and Ruth Prowse School of Art. ARP has the contribution of MAECI, Italia Foreign Affaires Ministry.

JORDAN SWEKE and SKUMBUZO (SKUBALISTO) VABAZA from South Africa who will start out to Rome in November  2017; ELENA GIUSTOZZI and CATERINA SILVA from Italy who will start out to Cape Town in February 2018.

ARP-ART RESIDENCY PROJECT, designed by Centro di documentazione della ricerca artistica contemporanea Luigi Di Sarro, aims to promote and support emerging artistic talent in Italy and abroad and is part of a wider network of actions that Centro Di Sarro does through bilateral cultural exchanges in the field of visual arts.

ARP aims to promote mobility and knowledge of new cultural realities through the experimentation of materials, techniques and languages in contemporary art. The 6-weeks residency offers the opportunity for new creative experiences and technical and professional training, a human and artistic comparison, the study of the social, political and cultural history of the hosting country.

“ARP is not just a travel and training programme, we have the ambition to be an opportunity for human and professional growth, with the ability to compare and report, to discover and consolidate creativity,” says Alessandra Atti Di Sarro, Artistic Director of ARP and Vice President of the Centro Di Sarro, who designed it.


Photo caption: from left Caterina Silva, Jordan Sweke, Skumbuzo Vabaza, Elena Giustozzi