Our projects

ARP – Art Residency Project
Rainbow Media is the local partner of ARP – Art Residency Project, which starts in 2009. ARP offers to young South African artists the opportunity to spend a residency in Italy, and to Italian artists the possibility to spend a similar period in South Africa. During their residencies the artists create new works which is exhibited in art galleries within the hosting country, and have the opportunity to interact with other artists, art students and local communities. ARP project is promoted by Centro Di Sarro in Rome and is supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation.

VAA – Video Art Awards
Rainbow Media is the local partner of VAA – Video Art Awards, which starts in 2018. The competition is dedicated to video artists and is promoted by Centro Luigi Di Sarro in Rome and is supported by the Italian Istituto of Culture in Pretoria and International short film festival cortoLovere in Lovere, Italy.  The project is an exchange project that award the two winners from South Africa and Italy with a professional trip to the other country.

Inckubeko Yethu Art Call                                                               In 2017 Rainbow Media launched the Inckubeko Yethu Art Call, a competition for artists living and working in South Africa. A selection of  artworks were exhibited at the Tsoga Centre, in the community of Samora Machel. The intent was, on one hand, giving value and visibility to the most innovative artworks and rewarding the most interesting artwork, and on the other hand, bringing good quality art in places and communities that until recently, because of the recent past of South Africa, have been excluded from its creation and fruition. This project was supported by the Italian Consulate in Cape Town under the umbrella of the larger event Italian Art Day.

IQ FM Project
iQhayiya Radio (IQ FM) is a community radio station that has been operating for a few years. The project, launched by a group of highly motivated youth, grew from strength to strength and enjoys a solid audience base in the area of Samora Machel, Cape Town. The group had to face various challenges, the most important of which were: the transition from informal radio station to registered broadcaster, and the development of the leadership group’s entrepreneurial and managerial skills, so that inclusion within a professionalized environment could be facilitated. Rainbow Media (with the support of other donors) assisted the leadership team along this path, and financed the execution of a technical frequency analysis, one of the last few steps in the process of transforming IQFM into a fully fledged radio.

ICLE – International Cultural Leadership Exchange
This project, which is being piloted in 2017, aims at offering to young South African community leaders the opportunity to travel abroad as an enriching developmental and educational experience which is expected to also show positive fall-outs on the community to which they belong.

Mentorship programme
Our mentorship programme consists of a process of knowledge transmission, growth and personal development which happens in a relationship based on mutual trust between the mentor and the mentee. Its intent is transfer of knowledge and social capital, promotion of professional development.